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Say goodbye to poor communication, sloppy record keeping, untimely deliveries, out-of-stock items and unprofessional service.

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Attentive, friendly, locally owned and operated Edgeway Pharmacy gives your facility an edge with:


Unsurpassed attention to detail


A full suite of pharmacy and over-the-counter (OTC) deliverables


Friendly employees dedicated to your complete satisfaction

A refreshing alternative to conglomerates, Edgeway Pharmacy makes it easy to get what you need when and where you need it. We are 100% dedicated to exceeding your needs.

Our History

In 2007, pharmacist Jennifer Ethridge opened Edgeway Pharmacy to fulfil a lifelong dream of owning her own business. Dedicated to the long-term care industry, she thrived, but could see the tremendous opportunities available. She wanted to grow her business and do more for the Carolina communities she served without selling out to a conglomerate.

Jennifer met Julian Rauch, a savvy business professional, who understood her passion for helping people with independent services. After much discussion and deliberation, the two partnered in 2014 to create a more robust product and service offering for long-term care facilities who felt lost amid corporate pharmacy takeovers.

As CEO, Julian passionately pursues opportunities to grow Edgeway Pharmacy’s offering, extend and deepen partnerships and maintain cost effectiveness to ensure services remain affordable to long-term care facilities of every size and scope.

The new Edgeway Pharmacy continues Ethridge’s legacy of carefully catering to facilities who want and need more personalized attention from a responsive, local team dedicated to accuracy in reporting and filling orders.

Edgeway Pharmacy’s industrious team is equipped with cutting-edge technology that saves our partners’ time and money. This is another factor that contributes to the affordability of our service. After all, we are fully dedicated to offering area facilities the careful and lasting attention that only a trusted advisor can provide.

That’s a dedication championed not only by pharmacist-in-charge Jennifer Ethridge and CEO Julian Rauch, but by every Edgeway Pharmacy team member. We are passionate about serving long-term care facilities with excellence, especially when it comes to accommodating special requests, performing unsurpassed recordkeeping and building deep relationships.

To the Edgeway team, you aren’t just another name on a computer screen. You’re a friend and neighbor with challenges that we’re here to help you solve.